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GD Holding A.Ş. operates in HR, occupational safety, IT and e-commerce businesses with a workforce of over 130 people.

GD Holding A.Ş has expanded its area of operation with new ventures since its foundation and became one of the fastest growing technology companies in Turkey by focusing on tech-infrastructure, entrepreneurship and continuous innovation.

Besides Eleman.net, the top recruitment platform in Turkey for intermediate and blue-collar positions, GD Holding is also the roof company of Serieleman.com (Online Classified Ads Platform for Recruitment), Pro-Safe (Occupational Safety Products), TRCRM (Cloud CRM & E-Commerce), Dersverir.com (Online Tutoring Marketplace) and Takım Takip (Mobile Field Team Management). GD Holding also built several international products over the years. 

To help today’s entrepreneurs become tomorrow’s investors, GD Holding founded the “GD Incubation Center”. With its motto “Entrepreneurs with Salaries”, GD Incubation Center is determined to change the way angel investing is done in Turkey. The Center accepts web and mobile projects from a wide range of markets and helps entrepreneurs scale their products rapidly using GD Holding’s established technology, marketing, legal, financial and distribution infrastructure.

Continuous innovation at its core along with a top-notch team and global focus, GD Holding is one of the forefront technology companies in Turkey.

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