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Dersverir.com is the web site for those who want to give private lessons to those who want to take. Our site is for parents and students who want to find teachers for private lessons in online environment.

Dersverir.com enables to enter the professional experience of those who are giving private lessons, references, in what region lessons attend, what lessons at what level and how much they charge. People who want to take private lessons can reach teachers that are matching their criteria over the telephone numbers in their profiles or lesson request form. Teachers also can hide their contact information if they want and accept only online lesson requests.

Teacher’s contact information can be hidden optionally. İn the case of hiding anyone who uses the site can be viewed. Dersverir.co accepts only individual membership. Corporate membership does not accept.

Teachers can use the search menu to reach those who want to take private lessons.

Dersverir.com does not demand any fee or commission for membership from those who search for teachers. Private tutors choose and pay for membership package accordingly to their preferences. There cannot be any mediation in agreements, payments or giving private lessons. İt ensures the publication of information of only those who give private lessons.

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