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The power of TRCRM software and the İnternet converts the corporate performance. TRCRM is a “Smart Business Platform” that is designed to ensure the flow of information that companies need and to make the customer-oriented way of doing business.

Piko Bilişim İnc.’s software development and business solutions in the field of shaped with expertise TRCRM stands out from each other with easy use and capable functions. Both globalization and developing of software and İnternet cause great changes in the business world.

The companies that are capable to take advantage and keep up with these changes in their industries in the best way are settled in the first places. TRCRM is an e-business solution that will provide the benefit from the development of small and medium-sized businesses in a best and easiest way. TRCRM network design specialists developed the complex applications to give the service in a wide range of knowledge and experience. TRCRM's mission is to increase the profitability and competitiveness of customers by using the industry standards and developing applications for simple or specific needs of business management.

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