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Eleman.net became a sponsor of Digital HR Conference

Eleman.net as a Turkey's job advertisements site, along with the Internet changed the ways of doing business in the field of human resources and became a sponsor of a Digital HR Conference by investing under the spotlight.

There will be a lot of valuable professional managers among the speakers in the field of Human Resources from the Turkish business world on a conference that will be held in Salt Galata on November 28, 2013.

Marketing and Communications Director of Eleman.net Arif Köse said on the subject; "Eleman.net is located in the human resources sector and has begun widespread use of the Internet in Turkey since 2005. In this sense we can say with Internet we are directing human resources sector exchange between the companies.

Since 2005 we have observed much more clearly how the Internet usage patterns of firms and employees has been changing with each passing year. As Eleman.net we are happy to discuss among the supporters of the Conference of Digital HR how the developments in the digital world are reflected the human resources area."

Since 2005 Eleman.net with easy to understand and easy to use structure has provided services to more than 180,000 members, by allowing the companies and candidates come together in the online environment for candidates to find their jobs and companies to find their employees.

Date : 17-12-2013
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